Like the rising light
His morning comes
Proof of hope
When day is done
Strength to move
Songs to be sung
The tears we've cried
The death-tolls rung

Your endless love
Has overcome
Our hearts are joy
The dark undone
'Tis sorrow's loss
For You have won
My life is Yours
Thy will be done.

-KJ Roe



A stranger calls my name,
singing low,
calling softly
A feathered touch of spring
melting frost
speaking warmly
A shadow in the trees
hidden just
moving dimly
Clouds play hide and seek
cover moon
night lights dancing
Starshine midnight choirs
lift their voices
to the heavens
Nothing sounds as sweet
as the love
and forgiveness
As this stranger calls my name
lover once
then I vanished
Yet through the years I hear
singing low
calling softly
You calling out my name
and in Your arms
I am redeemed.

-KJ Roe