Nocturne’s Spell


Daytimers don’t know

how the night

becomes a magical place

how the meadow shines

in its secret way

when the moon traces

her fingers on the snow

They’ve never stood

grinning up in delight

at scattered stars

gazing back from deepest skies,

nor watched the



a faery place

with silver leaves

and lucent boughs

and creatures stirring

in the shadows

They don’t long for

Luna’s sweet caress, nor

for Selene’s gentle breeze,

never fall yielding to

the allure of the gloaming’s

whispered mysteries

They don’t feel

the cool hand of eve

touch their cheeks

nor hear the songs of galaxies

drifting down in chimes

of star beams and moon shine

and Aurora’s dancing


Daytimers don’t know

how the night

becomes a wondrous place

They don’t know

the adoration of

the beauty

of the night

-KJ Roe




And then the growth

No more of the bated
breath, waiting
for something

that never became.
No more of the holding
back, hoping
for rescue

that never came.
It started
with a small
shift, lifting
the heart

from its hiding place;
With a quiet
the soul

is a precious thing,
A sudden ancient
the worth of

the person within;
And then,

a raise of
the head, a
straightening of
the shoulders, as
The strength of

one’s being
spread its wings

and took flight

-KJ Roe

Romancing the Soul

Photo copyright KJ Roe

Trails of adventure
Call to open hearts
Irresistible allure
To wanderer
And poet alike

Mountaintops and canyons
Hidden lakes and
Secret islands
Guarded by
Midnight bruins

Palmed antlers
Throwing shadows
Among white birch and
Gray-green cottonwood
And floating eagle nests

Chimes of dancing ice
On wind-feathered waters
Sing requiem
A melting concerto at
Winter’s last revel

Echoes of ancient glaciers
Reminders of Khione’s
Charming tyranny
Terra’s rumblings
And Creator’s dreams

Vistas of impossible perfection
Glimpses of heaven
of the depths
of our hearts
of our souls

-KJ Roe



You were put here for a purpose
to touch somebody’s life
and leave them smiling

you were given a calling
a dream of what you could do
that thing that fulfills your soul
it pulls

at your heartstrings
speaks in your ear
when you’re quiet – still –

you have a hidden wish
that longs to see the light
a seed that yearns
for warmth
the water of life
the food of faith

and risks taken
you keep it close
buried in the dust of

of denial and practicalities
and “musts” and “shoulds” and
worst of all

but you can and you should
unearth the treasure
deep inside you
reveal the gems of
your hopes and talents and desires
uncover the beauty of

your dreams
rise up to the challenge of
being the gift
You are

to be

-KJ Roe



Charcoal clouds scud across
An ocean of sky,
A thread of song running
Counterpoint to
The pictures in my mind,
An unintended soundtrack
Rising and falling
To a disparate rhythm-
Now background,
Now cacophony,
Full of its own words
Stories to tell in notes
And tunes and cymbals clashing
As I fall deeper in,
Like Alice,
Into imagination
And daydreams
And the realities of
Make believe
Until a warm touch
On my shoulder
Brings me out of my reveries,
Waking to the sun’s caress
Reaching through aged clouds,
Bidding me arise, awake,
Return from mushroom rings and
Flaming kings and
Queens of beauty bright.
Disconcerted, I raise my head,
Blink in unexpected light,
Summoned from
My home
To this strange and
Earthly life.
-KJ Roe



Deep in thought she sits
Listening to poets and singers
Cast their dreams
Like cottonwood fluff
Coasting on breezes
In search of good soil
To take root
And stretch
In new directions;
Hopes and sorrows
Dressed in words and notes
Full and robust
Clothed in nervous trust,
And she fills the snowdrifts
Of her paper with lines
And colors, putting form
To the heartsongs and
Soul dreams
Suspended in the air.

Beacon – A Note to Self and Others

There is no reason not to be the sparkling light that you are, no reason to keep holding it in… Don’t do that to yourself. No more holding back your potential or stifling your dreams.


Get back to yourself.

You are not this lost, nervous, fearfully hopeful wreck of waiting-for-something-to-happen. You are not this amorphous being floating, waiting for THAT THING that will give you meaning.

You are You. An amazingly giving, creative, thinking, working, loving being who is so much more than some outside perception. You have a purpose in life. And yes, part of your purpose is to love. Love is so much a part of the world that it transcends generations, race, religion, geography. It is so much a part of life that the experience of it can actually affect a person’s health and well-being. It is the source of much of the good that happens. And it lives in, and through, you.

You also have purpose in teaching, in learning, in growing and becoming and leading and holding. In putting into words that which is so much more, or in putting into action that which can be accomplished, or in putting into art that which can be felt. You have meaning. You are an embodiment of characteristics that combine to make one very exceptional and unique person. There are instances of kindness and love that others would never have experienced if it were not for you. You make a difference.

We need to get back to that. We all need to quit wallowing and floundering in this narrow view of the negatives, of the problems right in front of us and the overwhelming and seemingly endless tragedies of the world. We need to get back to the people we were meant to be, once again. Quit looking at this narrow corner of life, turn around, and face outward toward the world. There is so much more out there. Immeasurable moments of joy and beauty to find. Stop waiting for the perfect love. Stop waiting for the ideal time to reach out to another. Forget holding off on doing the kind thing just because we can’t predict another’s reaction. We can nurture good by living life in kindness and positivity. Do it now.

There is so much to do and learn and experience in this life, and so many people to get to know and care about, and so very little time. Open your heart to others. Go out and do the things you’ve been wanting to do. Stop waiting on someone to give you the okay. Go and help someone who needs it. Take those lessons. Live that adventure. Enjoy that view.

There is no reason not to be the sparkling light that you are, no reason to keep holding it in, hiding it lest it get extinguished. The only one who can douse it, the only one who can really snuff it out, is you. Don’t do that to yourself. No more holding back your potential or stifling your dreams. Don’t be the one who makes up reasons not to do things that expand your ability to Live. To do so is to succumb to fear or anger or resentment – to let negative burdens be your master.

They are not.

We humans have an extraordinary capacity for love, compassion, and generosity. We are blessed with the ability to see life from another’s point of view. We can think, and dream, and create. We can hold, and laugh, and forgive. You can do all of this. You have infinite possibilities locked inside you. You are a marvelous, fantastic, unequaled aurora of potential, and You are the only one of You in all of time. No one else can do the things you do exactly the way you do them. No one else can have the same impact on the world that you can. You are an irreplaceable beacon shining through the dark.

Let that light shine.