After the Swan

Crosshatch in
charcoal shades
ashy husks and
impenetrable blacks
in tangles on scorched earth;
ebony spires
standing stark monument
to a life lived in
lush overgrowth –
Musical balls in
palaces of birch and spruce
and cottonwood greens
whispered trysts among
the alders
and laughing leaf races
on brook-ish trails
The subdued commotion
of sylvan soiree

Now silent,
the scent of smoke
a lingering memento of
that which was,

and the curling green
of newborn shoot

a promise of what will be.

-KJ Roe

Author: KJ Roe

Welcome to Dreams of Shadow and Light. My name is KJ Roe. Among my many weaknesses, words, water, and chocolate are eclipsed only by time with loved ones. When I'm not writing, you might find me taking way too many pictures of sunsets or dancing in my kitchen. Words help me find my way through the dark times and to hold onto the bright ones. May you find here a bit of light for your shadows.

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