How does one choose?
So many moments,
So much to awe and inspire;
A man selects one
To capture, to frame,
The un-capturable
Held in the myriad
Changes from breath
To indrawn breath
As nature sifts through
Her infinite palette
For the day’s adornment.

~ KJ Roe


Author: KJ Roe

Welcome to Dreams of Shadow and Light. My name is KJ Roe. May you find here a bit of light for your shadows.

2 thoughts on “Adornment”

  1. Beautiful piece, with a Buddhist/meditative feel. 💚 I sometimes regret living in the city, not to mention sitting in front of computers and never having time to appreciate the real world. Better stop there, it’s an endless list. 😉


    1. Thank you, again :). I was just looking at the stars last night and being thankful that I live where I can see them and appreciate nature daily. My home feeds my soul. City life might starve it 😕

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