Sylvan Shower


The torpedo call of the jay
Rat-a-tat of squirrel chatter
And staccato woodpecker beats
Padding cat feet on damp ground
Shy drops of a light rain
Dance on millions of leaves
Kissing upturned blushing faces
Of wild roses and honeysuckle
Lupine standing enrobed in royal shades
With crowns glowing white
Dandelions grown spiky in self-defense
Lest they lose their heads in the shower
Like the sparrows spinning dizzily
Heedless of the stern gaze of the spruce
And the whispered laughter of the birch
And the wallflower wishes of
The wanderer in the woods

-KJ Roe


Author: KJ Roe

Welcome to Dreams of Shadow and Light. My name is KJ Roe. May you find here a bit of light for your shadows.

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